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Brent Hale on Creating a Persuasive Follow-Up

Stop me if you heard these before…

“Hey there Mr. X, just following up!”

“Hey! Just checking in to see if you received my message”

Boring. Repeatable. Annoying and definitely not going to persuade anybody to answer the follow-up.

Such inefficient follow-up phrases and tactics have practically become the norm for most of the industry, which probably contributes to the bad reputation of sales in general.

Here’s how to create a unique and persuasive follow-up according to Brent Hale, CEO of MaverickApp:

Keep the relevance on a high level. Use insight from your first conversation or interaction in every follow-up to reassure the prospect that you are both real and care to solve their problem. Watch these two videos for highlights of the show and get the full version on iTunes.

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