Meet Maverick.

Prospect using an automatically generated, custom curated database of prospects – using your desired industries, companies, seniority levels, and more.

Schedule a flight of custom emails to prospects or clients from the comfort of your existing email program, as far out as you want.

Don’t forget to follow up ever again.

Be in their inbox – when they’re ready to buy, or when they need you.

Easy Automatic Prospecting with Maverick’s Prospect RECON™

Fill your sales funnel while you’re doing other important things.
Set your criteria with Maverick, and automatically curated prospects enter your sales funnel – and the outreach begins immediately.

Step 1: Set your prospect criteria. 

Step 2: Maverick searches for matching prospects and imports all available contact information

Step 3: Your curated prospects are dropped into a maneuver – and voila, your funnel’s full again. 

Real Time Prospect Information

Real-Time Prospect Interaction

What makes you a great salesperson? Relationships and touches at the right time. Maverick lets you easily stay connected at the right time, so you can focus on the relationships and become a top gun.

When a prospect responds to an email from a maneuver, you get an email and can take over the sales process.

All the info you need about your future client is right there in your email inbox.

Want to know where a prospect is in a maneuver? That’s in your inbox, too.

Create, edit and schedule future touches, all from the tool that’s always open – your inbox.

Selling is about being in the right place at the right time. You’ll be in your prospect’s email at the right time with totally customizable maneuvers from Maverick.

Personalize the sales process. Generic emails that are “just checking in” may please your boss, but they aren’t selling anything.

Customize and personalize every single future touch for every prospect, as far out as you need., regardless of their place in the sales cycle. Don’t be a drone. Be a Maverick. 

Always be on message.

Do you have the same conversation with everyone you meet? Unless you’re boring, no. Variable, customized messaging will make your prospects open your emails, and reply.

Sending the same message out to your prospects every time might fulfill the metrics your boss wants… but do they actually sell anything? Not nearly as effectively as customized client communications do.

Always know where and how you can improve.

Active prospecting is good. Being able to track and improve your prospecting efforts is better. Our reporting will allow you to make all the right moves.

Any pilot knows that constant monitoring of the instrument panel will keep you on mission. Monitoring of our reporting platform will improve your attitude, and your results.

Our Customers Love Maverick…

Maverick has transformed the way we connect with new prospective customers and maximizes our ability to stay connected to existing customers. We would recommend it to any business looking to do the same.
William Ferrar

Director of Client Services, Montville Plastics

Maverick is a great way to do email outreach. The system works great to find you prospects based on my criteria and then automates the follow up process. But it will not look or feel automated. It’s like I sent the email myself. This lets me scale up my email prospecting and is just painless!
Mike Brooks

Director, Sales & Marketing, audIT SALES PRESENTATION SYSTEM

Maverick is an amazing combo of LeadGen and email outreach/campaign tool. It’s so easy to use, I can just set it and forget it!
Will Mazola

Vice President of Sales, Gratitude, Inc.

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