Maverick App is your selling wingman.

Sell Faster. Sell More. Sell Better!

MaverickApp gives you an intelligent way to find, engage, manage, and track your prospects and customers.

Have you met MaverickApp? Your Sales Wingman

Dynamic Prospecting Engine

You’ve got enough to do! Instead of finding your own prospects and then having to switch gears and then sell, why not let Maverick find the prospects so you can concentrate on the selling!

High-Powered Prospect Finding Engine

Don't buy static lead lists! Maverick re-verifies prospects as it brings them in!

Continuous Prospect Searching

Maverick sends you up to 400 New Prospects every month!

Constantly Enhancing Your Brand

Over time, Maverick will get your brand in front of thousands of potential prospects!

MaverickApp is the perfect wingman

Make Email Your Most Profitable, Efficient Sales Tool

Use your inbox for something good – selling.

Give your task list the bird

Get Out of Your Task List

Coordinated efforts pay off bigger

MaverickApp fills your sales funnel for you

Create a Consistent Sales Funnel

More consistency = more revenue

Ready to buzz the tower for more prospects?

Quench Your Need For Speed With A Wingman Who Does The Hard Work For You.

MaverickApp solidifies your top spot with your clients 

We've gotten that lovin' feelin' from our customers

They Have What It Takes

“Maverick is a great way to do email outreach. The system works great to find you prospects based on my criteria and then automates the follow-up process. But it will not look or feel automated. It’s like I sent the email myself. This lets me scale up my email prospecting and is just painless!”

Mike Brooks

Director of Sales & Marketing – AudIT Sales Presentation System

“Maverick has transformed the way we connect with new prospective customers and maximizes our ability to stay connected to existing customers. We would recommend it to any business looking to do the same.”

William Ferrari

Director of Client Services – Montville Plastics

“Maverick has made our lives incredibly easier, more productive, and, most importantly, more profitable. In addition to helping with our prospecting and follow-up protocols, Maverick helped us connect with our biggest client of 2020. 

We’ve even referred several companies who are also very happy that they signed on with Maverick to help grow their businesses too!”

Michael "Dr. Chocolate" Sauvageau

Co-Founder / COO

“Maverick is an amazing combo of LeadGen and email outreach/campaign tool. It’s so easy to use, I can just set it and forget it!”

Will Mazola

Vice President of Sales – Graytitude