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One Conversation at a Time

One conversation at time… This session with Steve Wallace brought a fresh take on Cold Calling. Watch and learn – and join in live next month! Below are a few notes our Marketing Department put together for quick reference, but there’s so much more when you listen in


Activity Creates Activity

Wondering how to get people to talk to you on a cold call? You’ll definitely want to listen in on this!

Steve chats with two active B2B business builders about implementing best practices learned over a long, successful sales career. With full honesty, he shows the guys how to set


It Just Works, Y’all

Better processes for sales people and their teams, using MaverickApp. This sales and enablement tool that lets you use your valuable time selling with

  • Purpose
  • Consistency
  • Better frequency
  • Focus on closing high quality deals with GREAT customer service

All things lead to highly effective cold calls.
At the beginning, we didn’t