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Sales is constantly changing and Maverick has your back. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. We’ve gathered research, webinars, and other resources into this section to help you grow as a salesperson and sell more.

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Blogs to help you get made prospecting and sales skills.

I’m Not In Marketing, I’m In Sales!

We hear this one all the time. “I’m not in marketing. I’m in sales!” Well, we know how you feel. Marketing is a different skill set. Sales is about growing relationships and cultivating those relationships until those leads flower into...

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Preparation in Sports and Sales

Once an athlete gets to an elite level, and sometimes before, preparation becomes a large part of their process. Sure, this means practice, and by practice, we’re not talking about the concept of being out there for the sake of...

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Home Runs… or Singles?

Actually listening to your prospect is a vital part of the sales process. And once you’ve listened, it is critical to find a way to communicate with your prospect down the road. Learn how Maverick can help!

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