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Sales is constantly changing and MaverickApp has your back. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. We’ve gathered research, webinars, and other resources into this section to help you grow as a salesperson and sell more.

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Blogs to help you get made prospecting and sales skills.

MaverickApp’s Email Etiquette Rules

Like it or not, email has become the default mode of communication for business (and, in many cases, our personal lives too). Writing and responding to the hundreds of emails we deal with every week takes up a shockingly large...

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MaverickApp’s 8 Tips to keep your inbox clutter-free

A disorganized inbox full of emails can be overwhelming, intimidating, and a real time-suck. Especially when you’re trying to quickly find the information you need. Adopting good email practices can make managing your communications much easier and thereby increase your...

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Discussing Modern Prospecting

MaverickApp Founder and CEO of MaverickApp, Brent Hale, had the opportunity to appear on the Growth Process Podcast with Tim Rohling at Rohling Sales Growth Advisors! In this episode, Brent and Tim tackle the topic of modern prospecting and automating persistence into your sales process. MaverickApp uses innovative technology...

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I’m Not In Marketing, I’m In Sales!

We hear this one all the time. “I’m not in marketing. I’m in sales!” Well, we know how you feel. Marketing is a different skill set. Sales is about growing relationships and cultivating those relationships until those leads flower into...

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