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Solutions-Focused Reach Outs

How many times have you sat down at your laptop in the morning, opened your inbox, taken your first (oh, so wonderful) sip of coffee, and immediately clicked, delete, delete, delete?

young lady prospecting using MaverickAppSo many times, right?! So many times, that


Discovery Calls Part 1

We’ve all been there, you meet the contact, you do the work to book a call, and then the call is about to happen and you freeze. What do you say? How do you say it? What happens if you’re getting all the wrong answers or giving all the


Using Multi-Channel Outreach for Sales Success

Success with marketing requires multiple touchpoints. An email every few days may work, but bolstering the message on other channels multiplies its effect. In today’s tech-filled world, your clients have many choices for finding you. Take advantage of these platforms to go to them and proactively seek them out.

Sending messages


Keep Calm and Dial On

In this workshop session with the best Wingman at MaverickApp, Steve Wallace shares his thoughts and expert advice for successful Cold Calls powered by MaverickApp.

Having a sales tool like MaverickApp that takes an extensive list, engages with the contacts in it, and then shows you usable stats and other


Multi-Channel Marketing

There’s more than one way to make your sales process work for you. On this episode, Steve and Brent chat about making all the “things” work together. They cover the finer points of several tools currently available and even do a quick overview of Cold Calls. Take a moment


One Conversation at a Time

One conversation at time… This session with Steve Wallace brought a fresh take on Cold Calling. Watch and learn – and join in live next month! Below are a few notes our Marketing Department put together for quick reference, but there’s so much more when you listen in