Your Key To More Consistent Sales

MaverickApp works directly from your inbox to deliver quality conversation starters at the right time to the right contacts. In return, you get more closed deals and retain happier customers. Since MaverickApp has been thoughtfully designed by a crew of business development pros with workflow in mind, it has a simple interface and easy-to-use features that support your sales efforts. Be the best of the best, with MaverickApp. 

Easy, Automatic Prospecting with Maverick's Prospect RECON™

Fill Your Sales Funnel

Leave the cold prospecting to MaverickApp so you can focus on client relationship building. Setting custom RECON™ criteria within MaverickApp to search and engage prospects automatically takes just a few clicks. You'll be seeing replies and able to start new conversations quickly.

Real-Time Prospect Interaction

Go From a Good Salesperson To a Great Salesperson.

Maverick App is the inbox tool you need to stay connected with the right people at the right times, so you can focus on building relationships to become a top gun.

Never Forget an Important Prospect or Customer Touch Again

One-Click Scheduling

Gain trust while letting your customers get to know your offerings with well-timed, customized messaging maneuvers within MaverickApp that are sure to impress.

Keep That Lovin' Feelin' Going

Find What Works and Customize.

No two customers are exactly alike, so your messages shouldn't be either. Make your conversations take off on the right trajectory with customized phrasing and information sent to each of your prospects.

Easily Change Tactics

Simple Reports Allow You To Quickly Analyze What's Working and What's Not

MaverickApp's report dashboard shows you where to switch your approach and where to proceed as planned.

More amazing features

Using Maverick App is a sure-shot way to engage with a target-rich sales funnel.

Active, Continuous Prospect Research

Easily adjust search parameters and NEVER stop filling your sales funnel.

Gmail/Outlook Integration

Bring researched prospects and relevant content directly into your inbox

Template Assist

No need to be a professional email writer. You can benefit from our successful templates.

Personalize Each Touch

Build rapport and trust with scheduled, personalized emails

Bulk Import/Export

Bring your lists to MaverickApp to engage, then take QUALIFIED leads back to your CRM

Do Not Engage

Ensure you don’t accidentally prospect your current clients or competitors, and remove future engagements from prospects who choose to opt-out.

First Touch Auto Launch

Take engaging with unqualified prospects off your to-do list. Only respond to the people MaverickApp finds who respond to you.

Follow-Up Maneuver

Never have to remember when to follow up or what was relevant when you engaged the first time. Draft a detailed response and schedule it to deliver at the perfect time, later.

Nurture Maneuver

Continue to remind prospects that you are the best of the best until they are ready to say "Yes" with engaging communications over time.