It’s not magic,
it’s MaverickApp!

Target the right prospects at the right time, automatically.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Dynamic Prospecting Engine

Launch MaverickApp to find and engage with qualified prospects while you concentrate on selling!

High-Powered Prospect Finding Engine

MaverickApp finds prospects and verifies them as it brings them into your inbox every day!

Never Miss
an Opportunity

MaverickApp personalizes your content to engage with prospects until they are ready to talk to you – automatically!

Easily Deliver That Lovin’ Feelin’

Draft, personalize, and schedule emails right from your inbox.

Stop Your Funnel Leaks in 3 Steps


Book your MaverickApp flight plan.

Choose the type of flight that will best fit your needs. From a DIY Pro Flight to a “Wingman does it for you” plan at TopGun level with AutoPilot™, we have options that will take your sales to the next level.


Define and message your ideal client.

Easily specify the prospect you are seeking using our smart AI from MaverickApp RECON™. Your newly matched prospects are automatically added to your Hangar.

Enter your well-written mission emails, highlighting your awesomeness within each pre-set Maneuver in your Cockpit. Then connect RECONS to one of your Maneuvers to deliver highly customized emails daily.

Don’t worry, we can help you write your emails. Our Wingmen are awesome like that.


Automatically follow up to close the deal, faster.

Follow up emails are sent according to the schedule you indicate, ensuring a continuous flow of outbound activity to brand new prospects every single business day.

When there is a response, you (or your sales reps) are notified and can decide what action to take next. Contact your prospect directly, assign them to an new pre-written, customizable maneuver, or drop them into your current marketing drip system.

No matter what you choose, seamlessly taking over in real time allows you to stay in control and warm up your leads so you can close the deal, faster.

MaverickApp Fills Your Funnel and Minimizes the Leaks So You Close More Deals.

Prospecting is the foundation of proper business development, revenue growth, and individual success. Doing it effectively requires more time than your sales reps have to invest. This is exactly why we created our automated sales engagement tool.

Prospecting Is More Successful with Smart Automation.

The majority of all salespeople say prospecting is the hardest part of their job. They are too busy negotiating, closing, reporting and forecasting to invest sufficient time into list research and prospecting. Their focus is on current open opportunities and the hottest prospects. With 97% of qualified prospects still months away from purchasing, not engaging with these prospects is costing you money.

Simplify Follow-Up Engagement Process.

Maverick is a virtual sales machine that seamlessly assists with prospecting and ongoing engagement for your sales representatives while they are busy attending to other important tasks.

Maverick allows your sales reps to be more efficient with their current opportunities or ‘hot’ prospects all while keeping their funnel active and outbound activity constant. Prospects are quietly identified, captured and nurtured in the background.