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We’d like to thank our crew members and Wingmen for making the kind words below possible.

MaverickApp’s successful crew members are what keep us engaged
and excelling to hit the next level in prospecting.

We want to see you succeed… faster!

MaverickApp is an amazing combo of LeadGen and email outreach/campaign tool.

It’s so easy to use, I can just set it and forget it!

WILL MAZOLA • Vice President of Sales Gratitude, Inc.

My company reached a point in which we were about to add a Business Development department so our sales team can focus solely on selling, and not lose focus tracking down new prospects.

MaverickApp was the best fit for us because it shoots my sales team new prospects every day and they stay selling while I can simply run my business.

Win – Win.

MAURICE JACKSON, JR. • Principal, Technology Staff Group

MaverickApp is invaluable. MaverickApp’s AutoPilot is just that – a personalized marketing program, but on autopilot.

As a CEO I don’t have time to do the continuous outreach, and detailed, customized follow-up. And hiring a marketing company or staff to do it would be cost prohibitive.

MaverickApp continuously reaches out to potential customers, customizes our message and then follows up on a schedule. The consistent low-touch of potential clients is invaluable and each time provides a unique reminder showing our value, expertise and knowledgeable staff.

DAWN RESHEN-DOTY • CEO, Benay Enterprises, Inc.

As a growing business I was trying to figure out where and how to most effectively spend advertising dollars.

Once I started using MaverickApp’s AutoPilot program, I was able to concentrate on running and growing my business instead of trying to find and engage potential prospects.

AutoPilot was the best possible move for us.”

DAVID BROWN • Founder/CEO, Legal Ad Advisors