It’s not magic,
it’s MaverickApp!

Fill your need for speed with new, verified prospects added to your funnel every weekday.

MaverickApp seamlessly acts as an extension of your team to keep all your customers informed, engaged, and loyal. We like to keep things simple, and we’re sure you do too. If you’d like more information or have questions not yet answered here, contact us or book a flight demo. We are happy to help!

After you download the Chrome extension or Outlook add-in, you can configure your RECON. This means you will be able to select the company size, industry, leadership level, and more about your target prospects.

From there, Maverick will deliver you a manageable amount of prospects each day.

If you choose, Maverick will begin outreach to these prospects automatically, every day, followed by a scheduled series of emails we call a maneuver.

If a prospect replies, you receive it and reply just as you would with an ordinary email, and the maneuver shuts off. Maverick has created a warm lead for you.

When you decide you want to follow up (put someone into a maneuver), you can use a predetermined cadence of emails for them. This gives you a base of communications.

From there, you can add in personal details “hope your trip was great” or “how is the baby?” to each maneuver, change timing of the maneuver (if you know they needed to get past a big conference or personal event), and officially take off.

Don’t be concerned! Your scheduled customized subsequent touches take over automatically and attempt to connect again.

You’re ready for takeoff. The maneuver stops and it’s now up to you to close the deal… or put them back into a maneuver, schedule your next communication if needed, and continue selling. The idea is to show them that you’re thinking about them and create a relationship sale.

If they do not reply to that email but call you, or if you need to change a maneuver, you can simply make that modification within Maverick. They will no longer receive the originally scheduled maneuver.

Same thing as before. It still gets sent, but it either winds up in the right place via a forwarder or gets bounced.

The maneuvers stop. Think of it like a mission – if the pilot leaves, the plane doesn’t take off.

Those are designed to help you take an email and send it later – for example, so you don’t email your team over the weekend. Those aren’t sales tools that are designed to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Maverick combines the features of a world-class prospecting tool with a drip campaign and email scheduler. It allows you to customize the emails and cadence (in what we call “maneuvers”), and also allows the future you to have access to the information the current you has – but will forget by then.

Right now, we are compatible with two of the most widely used desktop email programs out there – Outlook and Gmail. That should cover most sales teams.

You’re in luck. This isn’t one. This one seamlessly fits into an existing tool – your email inbox. Maverick is not designed to replace your task manager completely, just separate your follow-up and nurture emails from your task manager.