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Discussing Modern Prospecting

MaverickApp Founder and CEO of MaverickApp, Brent Hale, had the opportunity to appear on the Growth Process Podcast with Tim Rohling at Rohling Sales Growth Advisors!

In this episode, Brent and Tim tackle the topic of modern prospecting and automating persistence into your sales process.

MaverickApp uses innovative technology to turn customized emails into a virtual wingman who proactively researches prospects to help you fill the top of your sales funnels. Automatically deploy your initial and follow-up emails to your contacts using your words, on your schedule, directly from your inbox.

This is not a CRM. This is not a marketing tool. This is an intuitive business development, relationship-building, profit-creating machine dreamed up and created by innovative entrepreneurs with a vision to help people sell smarter, not harder.

This unique email sales tool allows you to create a personalized prospecting and engagement plan with a turbo boost to fill your sales funnel, reach out to pre-determined prospects, develop new relationships, nurture, close, and follow up with ease.

Give yourself time to do what you do best: sharing your company’s story. Use to engage with your clients when they are ready to make their move with you. Experts agree it’s all in the follow-up—show your clients you care about more than the deal.

When you listen to this enlightening conversation, your sales goals will thank you.

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