MaverickApp's BDR Services Gets Your Business Development To Cruising Altitude Faster

List building and crafting the perfect message are the most time-consuming, intricate, and easily skipped over pieces of the perfect sales funnel puzzle. The solution: you need a sales development representative!

With BDR Services from MaverickApp, our Wingmen create content, manage conversations, then deliver potential prospects directly to your sales team at the perfect time.

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Steps to Having More Conversations

Say goodbye to overpaying and over-managing your BDR


Schedule your demo

Pick a time that works for you to see MaverickApp’s BDR Services in action. During your private meeting, you can also ask questions and tell us a little about yourself.


Pick your plan

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Meet your prospects

With BDR Services completing day-to-day communications, you’ll get to sit back and let your sales funnel fill up. Go ahead, meet your new prospects.

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While there is no true “easy button” in sales prospecting, MaverickApp’s tools are proven to help you get to the “fun” part faster.

Talk to us about leveling up your MaverickApp subscription to include BDR Services. You’ll get to sit back, let our Wingmen take over the boring administrative tasks, then revel in the extra time in your day.

This is your chance to save time, save money, and do more of what makes your business unique.

You already know your Wingman drafts great, action-inspiring emails. Now you can dig deeper and allow them to administer conversations, build relationships, and track your prospects for you. When they are ready to go from prospects to customers, your Wingmen will let you know and you can take it from there. You get all the credit!


of sales reps say prospecting is the most challenging and time-consuming part of their job.


of a sales rep’s day is spent writing emails and managing tasks.


of sales reps give up on a prospect after just one follow-up.

Push your business development into a new gear.

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