They call it the “sales cycle,” but truly, it’s more like a treadmill, or at the very least, a hamster wheel. You get on it, but you can never quite get off it. If you are in sales, you will understand exactly what I mean here.

You have a week with no meetings or calls or demos or anything like that. (Or here in 2020, it’s Skypes, Zooms, or Teams meetings). You spend the week shaking the trees to see if you can find any old business cards from people you met at trade shows, any leads from anyone that might have been sort of warm-ish. But there’s one part that is the toughest, and it is prospecting. 

No one starts at a high-level sales job. We all came from somewhere. Maybe you were trying to sell widgets in a small town and had to actually go through the phone book and cold call people. That was really challenging, right? The lump in your throat as you picked up the phone yet again and called someone who probably didn’t want to talk to you. 

Sales have changed in the last 20 years. It has gone from prospecting via phone book to networking to email being a critical part of the sale. While it always helps to have a referral (these are the gold standard), the way we are all selling these days is a hybrid of inbound marketing (digital ads, SEO) and outbound marketing (good old fashioned phone calls, but mostly emails). Which brings me to my point here.

In the week when you have no meetings, precisely why do you have no meetings? Simple. It is because while you have been meeting with people, you have not been prospecting at all. So you go from busy weeks of meetings and proposals and (we hope) contracts to weeks where it feels like you are back to square one. That can take a toll on you mentally and truly make it feel as if you are on a hamster wheel. 

Here is where Maverick PROSPECT RECON™ can come into the mix, and this is why we developed this tool for you. You will receive a number of curated leads each week in Maverick; the number of leads depends on your plan level (more on that here). All of these leads will be placed into a completely customizable email maneuver, which is our name for an email cadence. From there, once someone replies, they’re right into your inbox. If they do not reply, no harm done. 

Within the previous paragraph is an important word: curated. Our PROSPECT RECON™ tool allows you to apply criteria to your prospecting search, including industries, location, company size, title, and more. So the leads that are getting placed into maneuvers have a better chance of being the right person.

What does all of this mean? Simply put, the weeks where you would usually be on the road (or on a call) you now have a prospecting machine working in the background. We have seen it work for our sales team as well as for our clients. When Maverick PROSPECT RECON™ is pulling in new leads and engaging them, your sales cycle becomes far more consistent.

Install the Chrome extension, install the Outlook add-in, get more information on pricing, or schedule a demo. We’re always happy to help make your sales process less painful. 

Photo by Ricky Kharawala on Unsplash