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Using Maverick for Staffing Outreach

Most of our clients use Maverick for sales and business development. And while that is why we designed it, it's not the only practical application for it!

Most of our clients use Maverick for sales and business development. And while that is why we designed it, it’s not the only practical application for it! We have some clients who use it in other high-touch industries, and in the coming weeks, we will share some of these use cases.

Staffing is one that is high on the list. And by staffing, we mean people who are involved in corporate placement, more commonly referred to as “headhunters.” These people work diligently to develop two types of networks: one with companies who might be able to place job-seekers, and one with the job-seekers themselves. Both require a different type of touch, and for someone working in corporate placement, the strength of their network ultimately determines their success or failure.

The network of companies requires a consistent outreach to ensure that the headhunter is aware of job openings, or that the headhunter stays top of mind when these openings arise. Without knowledge of the openings, there is no way to appropriately share options with the network of job-seekers. Cadences can be created that allow the headhunter to reach out to the hiring manager at a predetermined interval; for example, an email can go out to the hiring manager once a month letting them know that new job-seekers have been added to the network, or sharing an article relevant to their specific industry. (It is still critical that this outreach adds value to the hiring manager).

What really sets Maverick apart is the ability that headhunters have to customize the timing and the content of the cadence. If you know that a hiring manager only hires in Q1, and it’s not Q1 now, it’s worth a quick email to stay top of mind. This doesn’t mean you start bombarding the hiring manager with emails, but simply check in and share a piece of information that is relevant to them. It is hard to remember to do this, but with Maverick, you can have the conversation with the hiring manager and configure the system to reach out to them later. It is simple to configure unique cadences for every hiring manager in your system.

As far as job-seekers go, maybe you placed someone in a job in May. Come June, you may want to have some sort of outreach to them to find out how their onboarding process has been. Or if you haven’t been able to place someone but you know they are interested, setting an email to send to them in a couple of months may be an unobtrusive way to stay in front of them for when the perfect job arrives in your lap.

Corporate placement is about connecting the job-seeker with the hiring manager at the right time. By using Maverick, you can keep the conversation going, make the connection, and successfully place more candidates. Contact us to learn more about how Maverick can help!

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