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I’m Not In Marketing, I’m In Sales!

We hear this one all the time. “I’m not in marketing. I’m in sales!” Well, we know how you feel. Marketing is a different skill set.

Sales is about growing relationships and cultivating those relationships until those leads flower into mutually beneficial relationships.

But still, many companies have entrusted their business development representatives with marketing roles. As business has changed, and many people have transitioned into remote work environments, your sales efforts have merged even closer to marketing.

This is where Maverick’s AutoPilot Program program is even more critical than ever. By leveraging our experienced team of business development experts to create outbound emails for you, you are able to take advantage of our market knowledge gleaned from tens of thousands of emails. We know what content works.

Our senior-level executives also meticulously review the nuances of your company to ensure that the content we are serving to your targeted prospects is consistent with your desired messaging, all while using our proven internal best practices. We perform needs analysis that forces us to ask relevant questions about your organization and how your product solves your prospects’ pain points. From there, we can craft your outbound emails and ensure that they are appealing to your potential customers.

As Maverick continues to add 20 new prospects to your account every day, your AutoPilot expert is logging into your account to personally manage every response for you. Sit back –  we will do the hard part, so you can focus on the fun stuff, selling!

We have helped many companies outsource their Business Development Services, effectively putting their lead generation on AutoPilot. Want to find out how Maverick’s AutoPilot can do the same for you? Visit our website to schedule a demo.

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