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Writing the Perfect Email

When you’re blasting out cold emails in an effort to get replies, it’s challenging to reinvent the wheel every single time.

When you’re blasting out cold emails in an effort to get replies, it’s challenging to reinvent the wheel every single time. Maybe you’re doing some Googling in an effort to get some more information about the prospect, but by the time you finally hit “send,” you’re just one of many who are violating the sanctity of the inbox.

One of the things that makes this approach challenging is that your sample size just isn’t huge. You’re a sales or business development representative who is trying to craft an email, but trying to read the tea leaves and A/B test your emails is next to impossible. Not to mention, getting a reply from a client can be a combination of a variety of things: a subject line that piqued their interest, an empty inbox, sending right in a time void between meetings, or somehow catching someone when they realize there is a problem they need to solve at that time.

And then, there’s the email content itself – who has the time? Let’s face it, it is hard to write good emails, especially a string of them used for more effective drip email engagements. Are your emails compelling? Do they pinpoint your company’s top differentiators at the right time?

That is where Maverick’s new AutoPilot program comes into the mix. Our Maverick team is composed of senior-level business development executives who have started, owned and sold several successful companies. At the same time, partly from watching our clients have success using Maverick over the years, we’ve also learned how to properly compose emails and promote every style of business, from coast to coast. Why not combine the two, providing a powerful and effective service to our clients, at one-third the price for similar results.

With Maverick’s AutoPilot program, we actually craft a multitude of emails and sequences custom tailored to promote your business.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Our Maverick expert meets with you and your team to create a profile of the perfect prospects for your business.
  2. We run two different prospect finding missions side by side, one with a wider, more general range of filters and one with a more narrow, straightforward criteria, to find the best set of prospects for you.
  3. You provide the Maverick expert with an email address from your domain, and we set that up on our environment and integrate Maverick to it from our side.
  4. Every day, Monday through Friday, Maverick will find and deliver up to 20 new qualified prospects into your Maverick account.
  5. Your Maverick expert will then examine your business, and along with your feedback, will pinpoint your businesses key offerings. Once those are agreed on, we will write a series of no less than 10 custom tailored emails promoting your business using our internal proven strategy.
  6. Maverick then takes over, and based on our preset settings in Maverick, the engagements will start and automatically continue until we get responses.

The best part of all of this is that you don’t have to lift a finger! The Maverick expert does it ALL for you. Once we receive responses from folks that want to discuss your product or service further, we then send those ‘warm leads’ directly to your email, and you can focus on the fun part, selling!

This is why so many of our clients have opted to transition from Maverick’s original release to Maverick’s AutoPilot.

If you’re interested in pursuing this approach further and knowing how outsourcing your Business Development services can result in more qualified leads, please contact Maverick today. We’re ready to walk you through a demo and show you how this will allow you to focus on the prospects who are actually going to drive sales for you!

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