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How to find great leads and turn them into into raving fans

Let Maverick's team of lead nurture experts utilize our AI to turn leads into raving fans.

How to find great leads and turn them into into raving fans.

You may or may not be old enough to remember standing in line for hours outside Ticketmaster on the day of a concert ticket release to pick up the perfect tickets at the perfect prices—holding your mom’s credit card—with fellow fans. In extreme cases, even camping out the night before to ensure your place in line.

Rumor has it this happened for movies, album releases, and many consumer products, too. While we all purchase our event tickets online these days, physical lines of people excited to hand over their hard-earned cash can still be seen annually outside the Apple store and big department stores.

Ever wonder how these people a) have time to devote to what can seem like a time-suck to people who are not as devoted to the band, brand, or event and b) how the folks in the line grew their affection to such a point that waiting in line for hours—or days—is an appealing way to spend their time.

Let’s shorten the time. What about the brave who wait in ride lines at amusement parks for hours to enjoy a 3min loop-de-loop that encourages their stomach to feel as though it has been tossed from one side of their body to another.

Who has that time?

Who has that amount of devotion?

And, even more important, how do you find people willing to do the same for YOU?

Find your raving fans.

No matter the product or service you are touting to be the best, a sale is a sale, and it goes through the same process. Find the lead. Nurture the lead. Turn the lead into a customer. Nurture the customer. Entice them to continue to purchase from you. Nurture the customer even more. Turn them into an advocate with nothing but praise for all you offer.

Wow. That’s a lot!

We are sure you can imagine the amount of time and effort it will take to find new people to interact with, then build and execute plans for each of the steps that need to follow for successful fan creation. The process can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? At the very beginning! Finding leads.

What is a lead?

Knowing who you are looking for is a good place to start. The leads you are searching for are a group of people who match your researched list of specifically defined qualities of your most successful customers. This group shares a common problem, a common outlook on how to solve it, a typical budget to execute that solution, and a common expectation of the time it will take to see success. The more specific this list is, the better the outcome for your business.

Once you begin collecting leads, efficiently moving them through your sales journey while their interest is peaked is essential to your company’s success. Because it is so crucial to your bottom line, coordinating the planning and execution of each stage is worth the time it takes to set up and nurture the relationship you have with each of these people at every stage of your funnel.

A quick email lead nurturing overview.

Email is a fantastic way to keep in touch at crucial points of an ongoing discussion and, for lack of a better term, the “wooing process.” If you think about bringing in new leads like dating—with a grand wedding being the sale—then your initial emails are like an online dating profile. They should be short, sweet, honest, and leave the reader wanting more information. Each email in a series can build on each other, just like going on those first few dates. Cover who you are, why you do it and toss out a few wins to build confidence, too.

You’ll want to send a follow-up series that dives a little deeper and contains a bit more content. Each email should ask for a meeting or a quick answer to a question. Your goal with these is to start a conversation; asking great questions is an easy way to do that.

Once this has concluded, you’ll need to have response email series set up, thank you series, a don’t forget about us series, and a few more as needed for your specific industry.

Remember every great email includes an engaging subject line, concise, relevant images, and meaningful social links.

Wow, that’s a lot of things to keep track of! Having people dedicated to this process will generate success if you work in the benefits paid out to them within your company’s financial structure well. Not to toot our own horn but using MaverickApp’s AutoPilot service can automate the process and dramatically lower your budgeting needs, putting more toward your bottom line.

Where do you find your leads?

There are several ways to go about meeting new people. From standing in line for your morning cup of joe (or to buy tickets!) to visiting the offices of companies you’d like to interact with in-person and chatting up their receptionist, your options vary in time, price, and effort.

The Wingmen of MaverickApp® have found that the BEST leads are organic and often a referral from a trusted friend or colleague throughout their professional sales careers. These are few and far between. While some businesses have success from this method, creating a consistent flow of names, contact information, and other insights is far superior for the type of ongoing growth you can count on you are looking for.

The next best lead is one you actively seek out based on a list of qualifying criteria possessed by your top clients — in sales, this can be called your avatar.

Many services allow you to specify your needs and purchase a list. Some services allow you to research any names you currently have. Other companies provide generic lists that are inexpensive but may or may not have been vetted for accuracy or relevance to your industry. While these methods can be cost-effective, their information is static, most often not verified, and are a one-time buy.

In today’s digitally leaning world, one could create lists manually by searching for new contacts on social media and messaging each person individually.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach via face-to-face interactions, attending industry-relevant events (online or in-person) generally results in gaining a few new meaningful contacts. Becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce or closed networking group can also generate new leads as well. Plus, you can have a bit of fun while you attend events!

Manually searching online and attending events are effective ways to find and vet leads on the spot and possibly make new friends, but they are also tedious, and time-consuming, the price can add up quickly. Plus, you must continue to repeat these tasks to keep your list fresh.

Our suggestion? Use our easy to launch AI platform solution for fantastic results!

With a subscription to MaverickApp’s services you get options within an online app that are easy to use. You’ll literally check all the boxes (you’ll see, this is funny after you use the platform, promise!) for the platform you’ve been imagining to create sales success. Log in, tell us who you want to meet, customize a template, click GO, then sit back and see an ever-fresh list of qualified leads to interact with drop into your inbox. Easily send emails until they become your customer.

Once they are your customer, you can schedule communications for further interaction series to keep them so happy with you, your service or your product that they become your loyal, raving fan! Excitingly, that’s when that magical word-of-mouth references start happening. Ain’t that the dream!

Through the genius of AI and a bit of creative writing on the part of your personal Wingman, MaverickApp scours the interwebs to find, warm up, and deliver leads directly to your inbox who are ready to speak with you. All you have to do is close the deal! Our flight crew members (AKA our customers) tell us they save time, money, and the headache of worrying about the endless details. OH, and it all happens from an intuitive app in your Gmail or outlook.

Start your flight plan to meet new raving fans today with us:



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