Using Maverick for Staffing Outreach

Most of our clients use Maverick for sales and business development. And while that is why we designed it, it's not the only practical application for it!
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Not All Leads Are Created Equal

One of the toughest things about selling is qualifying leads - they just aren’t all created equal. What makes some leads better than others? Hopefully, we can tell you in this article, and save you some time.

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More Like a Sales Treadmill

They call it the “sales cycle,” but truly, it’s more like a treadmill, or at the very least, a hamster wheel. You get on it, but you can never quite get off it. If you are in sales, you will understand exactly what I mean here. You have a week with no meetings or calls or demos or anything like that. (Or nowadays, it’s Skypes, Zooms, or Teams meetings). You spend the week shaking the trees to see if you can find any old business cards from people you met at trade shows, any leads from anyone that might have been sort of warm-ish. But there’s one part that is the toughest, and it is prospecting.

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