Hit the “later” button to increase productivity.

A woman is seen here scheduling an email to be sent later.

You think you’re being a good colleague. You finish that small project that has been darkening your to-do list for days, and innocently send an email out letting your team know as you prepare to move onto your next task. . Next thing you know, you’re sucked right back into that one as a barrage […]

MaverickApp’s Email Etiquette Rules

Like it or not, email has become the default mode of communication for business (and, in many cases, our personal lives too). Writing and responding to the hundreds of emails we deal with every week takes up a shockingly large portion of our workday yet many professionals don’t understand how important appropriate email etiquette is […]

MaverickApp’s 8 Tips to keep your inbox clutter-free

A disorganized inbox full of emails can be overwhelming, intimidating, and a real time-suck. Especially when you’re trying to quickly find the information you need. Adopting good email practices can make managing your communications much easier and thereby increase your efficiency – not just at work but in your personal life too! Whether you aim […]

Discussing Modern Prospecting

MaverickApp Founder and CEO of MaverickApp, Brent Hale, had the opportunity to appear on the Growth Process Podcast with Tim Rohling at Rohling Sales Growth Advisors! In this episode, Brent and Tim tackle the topic of modern prospecting and automating persistence into your sales process. MaverickApp uses innovative technology to turn customized emails into a virtual wingman who proactively researches prospects to help you […]

I’m Not In Marketing, I’m In Sales!

We hear this one all the time. “I’m not in marketing. I’m in sales!” Well, we know how you feel. Marketing is a different skill set. Sales is about growing relationships and cultivating those relationships until those leads flower into mutually beneficial relationships. But still, many companies have entrusted their business development representatives with marketing […]

Vacation, all I ever wanted…

Did you know that the #1 reason (according to Project: Time Off in 2016) that Americans don’t take time off is because they do not want to return to a mountain of work?

Using Maverick for Staffing Outreach

Most of our clients use Maverick for sales and business development. And while that is why we designed it, it’s not the only practical application for it!

Home Runs… or Singles?

Actually listening to your prospect is a vital part of the sales process. And once you’ve listened, it is critical to find a way to communicate with your prospect down the road. Learn how Maverick can help!